We use fixed wing and multirotor UAVs to acquire high resolution aerial images. This imagery is processed using advanced photogrammetry software to generate orthophotos, digital elevation models and panoramic images of a site. 

This type of imagery is commonly used for site design, health and safety inductions, evacuation plans, tendering information and as-built photography. All of this can be presented in a web based 360 degree virtual tour.

Structural Inspections

Eagle Eye Camera Systems have experienced pilots that can get in close to structures for safe cost-effective inspection delivering unique results and reports identifying potential defects, be it cracks, corrosion, paint integrity etc. 

We can reduce costs by removing the requirement for large areas of scaffolding, and improve safety by reducing the need for working at height and over side work. 

Being able to freely move around high and difficult to reach structures our pilots can execute inspections in little time with minimal risk.

Flare Stacks

Eagle Eye Camera Systems technicians have completed many close visual, thermal flare inspections and surveys. We can inspect a flare while it is live and online, avoiding the requirement to shutdown, which means typical savings are millions of dollars/pounds per inspection 

Inspections can include the condition of the flare tips, radiation shield, flare supporting structure, pipework, gantries and handrails. Our experienced technicians can provide detailed reports and recommendations.

Confined Space

Eagle Eye Camera Systems can undertake UAV internal inspections of large tanks on operational vessels such as FPSOs, bulk carriers and tankers, as well as on onshore oil storage tanks and other confined spaces including inside chimney stacks and thermal boilers. 

UAV’s reduce the requirement for working at height and in confined spaces, allowing Eagle Eye Camera Systems to undertake a safe first audit so that further inspection and maintenance can be prioritised.

Cooling Tower & Chimney

Using UAV technology, Eagle Eye Camera Systems captures a series of individual aerial images to cover the full external surface of a structure. Advanced photogrammetry software is then used to create accurate 3D models and highly detailed orthophoto mosaics of the chimney or cooling tower. The results allow the user to visually scan the full height and 360o model with defects accurately measured. Our team inspect the condition of the concrete or brickwork, mantle, lightening conductors, acid resistant coating and cap and highlight any potential dropped objects.


Pipelines can be difficult to inspect from start to finish due to hard to access areas such as pipe bridges, jetty’s etc. Our experienced pilots have extensive knowledge in inspecting pipelines by foot and by drones. Our team can inspect pipelines using digital and thermal technology identifying integrity defects with insulation and piping defects such as cracking and corrosion.


Eagle Eye Camera Systems pilots are experienced in the inspection of vessels using drones and ground inspections. Carrying out digital inspections inside and out of vessels allows our team to gather detailed imagery, along with thermal inspection to allow our pilots to inspect vessels whilst in operation to aid in identifying internal lining defects without the need to shut down operations.


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